The Beauty of Senior Men

Dawn Stergin
3 min readNov 2, 2021

Why I have changed gears and become a fan.

I have always dated younger men with few exceptions. Some were a LOT younger. Twenty-three years was the max. I am 55 years old and twice divorced and I have learned quite a lot about men and how they are different at different stages of life with women.

Young men are delightful. They are handsome, but often in a skinny, boyish way. If not cocky, they are earnest. They love older women and aim to please. I have been surprised by how polite and gentlemanly a younger man will be with me. It is refreshing. In the bedroom, they are wide open! Willing to learn, try anything, and have the stamina of a workhorse. The problem with younger men is that they have no real wisdom. They may have no financial security or even much direction in life yet. They still want to “party” and play video games. It can be difficult for a mature woman to relate or connect in deeper ways with them. At times they may look to an older woman to “mother” them and can’t really behave or feel like an equal partner. At 35, I divorced and spent that summer hanging out with a group of young twenty-somthing men. They were lively, fun, and liked to paint my toenails. I felt like a queen in their company. We went dancing, drove to the beach spontaneously to watch a meteor shower one night, and sat in coffee shops for hours having goofy conversations. I became involved briefly with one who was ten years younger than me. It didn’t work well for me. I had children and when I introduced him into their lives he became another child for me to corral. They had lots of fun with him. I had lots of annoyances.

Middle-aged men look the best. They are fully grown, still in good health, and filled out in all the right places. Unfortunately, their behavior with women is the worst. If they are married, they cheat, are often verbally abusive at home, or simply don’t prioritize their marriage. If they are single, it is either from a recent divorce that makes them bitter, or they never married because they refuse to commit. They tend to be demanding and entitled even on a first date. They know well how to gaslight and manipulate to get what they want. Some are smart enough to put up a front for a few weeks or months, but eventually, the tired, true colors show. They lack any real empathy or the ability to be intimate. Their expectations are much…

Dawn Stergin

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